Swiss Club Thames Valley

The Swiss Farmer Band was originally founded in 1993 by a group of Swiss immigrants most of whom, as the name implies, were farmers or involved in farm related businesses. The goal of the founding members was to continue the European brass band music tradition in their new homeland.

Today, the band of 18 members has diversified and now includes Swiss, German and Canadian musicians alike from the ages of 20 to 80. They practice weekly in Milverton, Ontario, and come from all over southwestern Ontario to do so -- from Cambridge to Moorfield and from Blyth to Grand Valley.

Their lively mix of traditional Swiss, German, and concert music can be heard at various functions throughout the year including, of course, the Swiss National Day Celebration in Monkton, the Christkindl Market in Kitchener, and their annual fall concert and dance held in November of each year in Milverton.

Jim Glasser



Sandra Rechsteiner 



Imelda Ruest 



Andy Rechsteiner 

Flugelhorn (President)


Fritz Egger 



Josef Huber 



Werner Thüring 



Margreth Signer 

Trumpet (Secretary)


John Schmidt 

Alto Horn


Markus Eigenherr 

Alto Horn


Antje Hurlburt 

Alto Saxophone (Treasuer)


Vreni Tschudi 

Alto Saxophone


Arnold Egli 



Peter Oreilly



Ralph Schmidt 



Werner Ruttimann 



Maribeth Fobel 



We gladly welcome you to join the fun!

You can join as a player (we may even have an instrument for you) or as a supporting member (by donating funds for new music or new instruments).

Any help is truly appreciated. For more information, please email or call Antje Hurlburt at, 519-503-3311.




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