Swiss Club Thames Valley


The swiss jodeling choir found in 1996 by  


 President- Adolf Hostettler
 Secretary- Ursi Habegger
 Cashier - Jakob Glauser
 Director - Kathrin Guggisberg
 and 14 other choir members



The choir consists of active Swiss farmers. Right now there are 14 members. They sing mainly Swiss Mundart and naturel Jodels. They practice every week on Wednesday at 8:45pm in the Gravelridge hall Milverton. Interested German speaking people are always welcome. Our annual concert is on September 24th, 8:00pm at the Milverton Rec. Complex in Milverton, with the guest choir "Oberhofen" from Switzerland.

If you have any questions please call :


President- Markus DaetwylerTEL 1-519-595-4874
 Director- Arnold Egli TEL 1-519-523-9465
 Vice President - Ursula HabeggerTEL 1-519-424-2594
 Cashier - Hansueli SignerTEL 1-519-638-3287
 Secretary - Joe TschudiTEL 1-519-348-9480